Screw-On DVD

Click to see it bigger!Now this is good news indeed! Lionsgate just announced (according to Davis DVD) that Mike Mignola’s animated Amazing Screw-On Head will be hitting DVD on February 6th, 2007.

What the hell is Amazing Screw-On Head you ask? It’s a cartoon based on the award-winning comic of the same name by the creator of Hellboy about a top spy for Abraham Lincoln (voiced by Paul Giamati) who just happens to be a bodiless head. Together with the help of his mutilated manservant Mr. Groin and talking dog Mr. Dog, Screw-On Head is tasked with stopping the evil Emperor Zombie (voiced by Abe Sapien himself, David Hyde Pierce), who has found a way to eliminate all life on Earth.

Features on the disc will include commentary with director Chris Prynoski and executive producer Brian Fuller, a making-of doc for the cartoon, storyboard-to-film comparisons, and a collectible comic with never-before-seen art by Mignola.

Sounds like a fucked up adventure? I’m sure it is, so perhaps you should click here to get the DVD via Evilshop!

- Johnny Butane

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