Rooting Up Hogzilla's Trailer

Oh, the glory of living in a world with two Hogzilla movies...

I'd initially reported on Legend of Hogzilla, the "official" Hogzilla horror movie that features input from the man who brought down the real-life Hogzilla ("The Legend of Hogzilla" - April 2007), only to find out a day later that a second such flick, simply titled Hogzilla ("Wait ... Two Hogzilla Movies?" - April 2007), was in the works and this one co-starred Joe Bloom AKA legendary drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs. What are the odds of dueling Hogzillas?

Hogzilla is about a tabloid crew that goes in search of a backwoods Florida tall tale regarding a big voracious hog only to find out, much to their regret, just how real the story is.

Director and co-writer Diane Jacques sent over the trailer for her Hogzilla, the movie that dares use the tagline, "The other white meat bites back". This short trailer should give you a taste of things to come. Joe Bob says "Check it out!"

- The Foywonder

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