RIP: Daniel Robert Epstein

RIP Daniel EpsteinI got some very sad news today that’s been spreading out on the Web about a friend who passed away at a very young age this morning: Daniel Robert Epstein.

The name may not mean much, but if you’ve been doing this online journalism thing for more than a few years, there’s a good chance you’ve seen his work. A tireless interviewer (and one of the best), Epstein logged a ton of amazing interviews for sites like Film Stew and Suicide Girls in his time and made a good amount of friends along the way.

I met him when I visited the set of Wrong Turn 2 last year and have since run into him a few times, and I called him a friend. Now he’s passed away after only 31 years, far too soon for someone of his disposition and talent.

Devin over at CHUD did a great write-up about him, having been friends with him for years, and Wrong Turn 2 director Joe Lynch put up a very touching piece in his blog you should read here. Our thoughts go out to Daniel’s friends and family. He will be sorely missed.

- Johnny Butane

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