Quick! New Friday the 13th Teaser!

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot aired during last night’s Scream Awards, and of course a crappy version of it is up on YouTube already! Dig it quick because you know this won’t be out there for long!

- Johnny Butane

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Wonder how long we have to wait for a real teaser in the Dread Central forums!



Doc Block's picture

It's so gritty! So fucking gritty!

In all seriousness though, I can't fucking wait for this movie. I never thought I would say it, but I'm genuinely excited about the FT13 remake.

Submitted by Doc Block on Thu, 10/23/2008 - 12:41am.

To make zombies scary we have them run (faster then the ROLD 2 ones). And to make a creepy Jason, he runs too. Are we looking for a faster Leatherface and Freddy next? Oh! And will he make the t-rex noise all monsters do now adays?

Submitted by turnpiketramp on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 11:06am.
vorodex999's picture

Sorry but this looks like one badass Jason film, Screw another Jason vs whoever. Running Jason is creepy. I like it.

Submitted by vorodex999 on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 10:24am.

Hey, I can run too, but that's not creepy... Unless I'm doing my elephant impression at the same time!


Submitted by PelusaMG on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 10:31am.

You seem awfully creepy. STOP RUNNING AT ME AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Submitted by turnpiketramp on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 9:00pm.

A shorter version of the SDCC08 clip...

Submitted by Kryten Syxx on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 8:46am.

"Somebody's been here!"

D'uh! I mean, there's all those holiday lights hanging on the wall for a start (which the death-fodder in the clip fail to draw attention to). This remake looks lamer each time a new clip is released... I wish they'd made another Jason vs film instead of this.

Submitted by PelusaMG on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 7:58am.

With all those holiday lights the Swayer Family was there (Burn her like a rat, rat, rat!)

Submitted by turnpiketramp on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 9:01pm.
Gus Bjork's picture

But dude, that's just it! Only in a Friday the 13th film would characters be that endearingly stupid.

I'm stoked. I think it looks like a blast and I typically don't like slashers. But I do agree that another 'vs' film would be fun.

Submitted by Gus Bjork on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 6:56pm.

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