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The Devil's Seed never looked so cute!Mother's Day is just a few days away; what have you gotten for the woman who exploded you into the world in a violent spray of blood and other assorted bits? Slacking, eh? Or perhaps she's "resting" in the basement?

No excuse will be good enough because the EVILShop has just been stocked with new designs from Fearwerx along with several new babydoll shirts featuring the Living Dead Dolls!

Nothing will tell your mom that you love her more than a black shirt sporting the cutest son of Satan. Just look at him! He's ready to give ya a hug ... or push you down the stairs. Either way, this is a far better gift than that lame flower bouquet you've been eyeing up at Wal*Mart.

Hurry on over to the EVILShop and pick up some new threads!

- Syxx

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Chainsaw's picture

That WGON tee is tits.

Submitted by Chainsaw on Mon, 05/12/2008 - 8:08am.

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