New Images From Whale Watching Massacre

The Reykjavik Whale Watching MassacreIt’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the incredibly strange-sounding Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre, but that’s only because the film has been going through post-production and there’s not been much to say.

Twitch Film got their hands on a new trio of stills from the film, however, so things are obviously going pretty well. One of them is on the right, the others you can dig upon by following the Twitch link. Gunnar Hansen stars in Reykjavik, about a group of whale watchers whose ship breaks down and are taken in by a whale fishing vessel. Things aren’t going well for the vessel’s “fishbillies”, and pretty soon all hell has broken loose.

No word on the actual status of the film, but some Twitch folks got to see the first footage from it at Fantastic Fest and said it looks great. It was shot by DP Jean-Noel Mustonen, whose work on Peter Riski’s Dark Floors elevates the film way beyond the cheap B-monster movie that it is, so if nothing else I’m sure this will look great!

- Johnny Butane

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