Mulcahy Finds Zen

Zen in the Art of Vampire SlayingWow, fromRazorbackto massive box office success with a decent Resident Evil entry; I bet it’s a good time to be Russell Mulcahy right now!

The RE: Extinction (review) helmer is now attached to the oddly titled Zen in the Art of Slaying Vampires, based on the book of the same name (the first in a series) by Steven-Elliot Altman according to Daily Variety. The story is about a man and woman who are attacked by vampires; she dies and he turns, but attempts to suppress his homicidal urges through the practice of Zen meditation. Soon a struggle for his eternal soul ensues between bloodgulpers and Zen masters.

`Altman will be penning the script from the book, which is also being worked into a game, as well. Capitol Films are making the deal happen, but as of now there’s not studio involvement. Keep it here for the latest as we learn it!

- Johnny Butane

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