Mold! The Movie About Killer Mold!

Mold! (click for larger image) Killer mold! Ever since I saw that blasted Dungeons & Dragons movie and came away profoundly disappointed by the lack of the inclusion of the creeping crud, I've been jonesing to see people get killed by killer mold. Now I'll get my wish. The title of this film? Mold!

Fangoria got the first word on Mold!, the debut feature of Neil Meschino and his appropriately monikered production company, Mentally Ill Films LLC. Set in 1984 at the height of the war on drugs, the government develops a strain of mold specifically designed to wipe out Colombian coca fields. In what should come as no shock to anyone, a demonstration of this new genetically engineered mold goes horribly awry. Out of control and proving to be a killer of more than just plant life, Meschino summarizes Mold! as “conspiracy, murder, torture, mutilation, melting eyes, collapsing heads, vomit, more vomit, half-naked chicks, and gooey, gory fun. It’s the science gone wrong of Re-Animator mixed with the gory humor of Evil Dead. You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll choke on your own vomit!

If FX artist Jeremy Selenfriend (Crazy Eights) is to be believed, the low budget vomitorium of over-the-top gloop and gore will live up to Meschino's hype. He told Fango, “This is as sloppy and messy a film as I’ve ever worked on—and I say that with love. I’ve already gone through around seven gallons of green slime, and we’re only halfway done!” A few behind-the-scenes samples of his work on Mold! can be found on YouTube right now.

Currently in production in Long Island, New York, Mold!'s MySpace page is the current place to go for more information on the most gooey of gross-out epics.

As excited as I am about the idea of a killer mold movie, any moment now I suspect Uncle Creepy is going to read about this film and jizz in his pants. God help us if someone ever decides to make a Blob knock-off called The Jizz. I don't think the world is ready for that.

- The Foywonder

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I really hope they use Weird Al's "Living in the Fridge"

Submitted by CMax on Fri, 01/30/2009 - 1:31am.
Styling Shatner's picture

Oh no, I have a feeling that the next DFF will have Creepy yelling "MOLD!" about 50 times, usually at random intervals.

Submitted by Styling Shatner on Thu, 01/29/2009 - 2:32pm.
moderator With a few random "Jizz"es
Debi Moore's picture

With a few random "Jizz"es thrown in for good measure!

Submitted by Debi Moore on Thu, 01/29/2009 - 2:37pm.
Rottenjesus's picture

Baby, if DFF had more jizz there would be a lot of pregnant DC fans right now.

Submitted by Rottenjesus on Thu, 01/29/2009 - 3:57pm.

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