Jason And Mother Return

Friday The 13th: Mother's DayAbout 6 months ago I told you about a fan made Friday the 13th film, here, that was in production. As of last Friday the project was finally ready to be revealed to the public, and the best part is it is completely f'ing free!

By heading over to official site for F13: Mother's Day you can download the short film in a 300mb DivX form or if you're not up for large files the film can also be viewed in serveral parts via YouTube. Now the only question is; is it any good?

The premise is pretty solid, being based off of a F13 young readers novel, "With a rain storm that flooded out the location during the primary shooting and unseaonable snowy weather that delayed the reshoot for three months, it seemed like production on the film adaptation of Eric Morse's Friday the 13th novel, Mother's Day, would never get done. But Crystal Lake fans can now cheer because Cory Stevens, William Pattison(aka Eric Morse), and the rag tag cast and crew of this ambitious project have put the film in the can and will have the film ready for it's new internet premiere date of July 13th 2007."

I am still downloading the film, so my opinion is still up in there air. However, you fiends should check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

- Kryten Syxx

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