I Spit on Your Remake

I Spit on Your Grave the next remakeEver since Platinum Dunes decided to remake The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, nothing really surprises me anymore as far as remakes are concerned. Faces of Death, I will admit, was really the last one that made my head turn ... until this morning.

Variety is reporting that CineTel Films have acquired the remake rights to the 1978 rave/revenge film I Spit on Your Grave. Meir Zarchi, director and producer of the original, had no problem selling off the rights to his film, hoping that a new way of controversy will re-line his pockets with money the way the first film did.

CineTel is known for its direct-to-DVD releases (Komodo Vs. King Cobra, Furnace, Hallowed Ground and Beyond Loch Ness are just some of their many “quality” films), but they’re shooting for I Spit on Your Grave to find its way into cinemas. Good luck with that!

"After seeing what was done with an R rating on films like Saw and Hostel,” CineTel CEO Paul Hertzberg told the trade, ”we think we can modernize this story, be competitive with what this marketplace expects and not have to aim for an NC-17 or X rating,"

You know we’ll be following this one’s progress so stay tuned!

- Johnny Butane

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Wonder just how they will "compete" with Hostel and Saw in the Dread Central forums!



"I Shat in Your Sarcophagus"
"I Tinkled on Your Tomb"
"I Menstruated on Your Mausoleum"

Submitted by Kryten Syxx on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 9:35pm.
Foywonder's picture

I'm already at work writing The Asylum mockbuster: I SHIT IN YOUR URN

Submitted by Foywonder on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 4:38pm.
Chainsaw's picture

I would want to see that.

Submitted by Chainsaw on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 8:55pm.
Terminal's picture

In other words, another excuse to make torture porn AND a remake. Goody.

Submitted by Terminal on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 3:58pm.
Rorschach's picture

I think.....I think this could actually turn out to be a DECENT film. Surely, one that has no need of EVER existing, but since that never, ever stops Hollywood, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if you put this in the hands of the guys from the French INSIDE.....this would be absolutely HELLACIOUS.

I own the original on DVD....and like IRREVERSIBLE or IMPRINT, it is one that has seen a very limited number of viewings.

Submitted by Rorschach on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 2:32pm.
Johnny Butane's picture

But frank, if you come to the site, and we're following it, and you, for example, click on a news story about it, doesn't that mean that you are, in fact, following it?


Submitted by Johnny Butane on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 12:42pm.
Chainsaw's picture

"9...10...a big fat hen. (He takes a puff of his cigar.) The name's Bender!"

Submitted by Chainsaw on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 3:18pm.
Chainsaw's picture

Please please PLEASE come out with a PG-13 rating!

Oh, the hilarity that would follow.

Submitted by Chainsaw on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 8:32am.
frank_dracman's picture

I'm glad you'll be following this one's progress, because I won't. I really think alot of us have gotten to the point that this kind of news doesn't excite, outrage, or even pique curiosity anymore. If they can make a good movie out of it, great. If it stinks, no one will be surprized.

Submitted by frank_dracman on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 7:28am.

I'll only see this if Camille Keaton is once again cast in the lead. Real terror is watching a dude getting his junk cut off by a 58 year old woman!

Submitted by Kryten Syxx on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 7:06am.
Spaceshark's picture

I will be both impressed/outraged if they decide to remake Flower of Flesh and BLood next.

Submitted by Spaceshark on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 3:35am.

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