House of Night Books Optioned

House of Night books optionedWow, don’t make your desire to ape the success of Twilight any more obvious, all right guys? Variety announced this morning that Michael Birnbaum and Jeremiah Chechik have optioned the films rights to House of Night, a series of vampire-themed young adult novels by P.C. & Kristin Cast.

In the House of Night series, vamps are accepted members of society; it’s a gene anomaly that presents itself at puberty. When it does, the kids are shipped off to the titular school, where they learn how to control their abilities. The books center on Zoey Redbird, who hits puberty and becomes a bloodsucker and now must deal with her life in upheaval.

So it’s Harry Potter mixed with Twilight and a dash of “True Blood”. Just what we need! I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the coming months, even if we don’t want to, so keep it here for updates!

- Johnny Butane

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Tristan Sinns's picture

Why vampires? Well, obviously magic had already been done. Young teens realizing they’re zombies might be the next series; or maybe mummies. How about a series about young teens realizing they’re retarded? That’d be hot!

Submitted by Tristan Sinns on Tue, 11/18/2008 - 10:02pm.

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