HorrorFest Trailer, Cities Online

After Dark Films' Horrorfest posterJust a few short days after learning of the existence of an upcoming 35-city horror film festival being put on by After Dark Films, craftily titled After Dark Film’s HorrorFest, and already there’s a lot more cool stuff about it online.

First up, if you hit the fest’s MySpace page, you can see a listing of all 35 major markets where the fest will take place over the weekend of November 17th-19th. Most of the major cities are represented (though for some reason us Massholes have to go up to Manchester, NH for it...) so there’s a good chance if you’re anywhere near one, you’ll be able to check it out.

Secondly, a trailer for the festival has shown up over at Apple’s site, and it’s pretty badass. Though the titles fly by a bit fast and the clips are almost seizure-inducing, it sure looks like a horrific mixture of 8 films. Check it out here, and then get even more at the fest’s official site.

- Johnny Butane

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