Hell's Ground Comes Home!

Hell's Ground DVD info!Now this is what I’m talking about; Fangoria got word from TLA Releasing today that they’re finally getting the Pakistani horror film Hell’s Ground (review) onto DVD this June 24th!

Why the hell do you care about a Pakistani horror film, you ask? Because, by all accounts, this movie is batshit insane from top to bottom. The film is about a van full of kids who run afoul of zombies, Leatherface-like freaks and more life threatening characters when they head out to the woods.

The disc will come with footage from the Hell’s Ground premiere, a featurette called “Ice Cream Zombieland” about director Omar Ali Khan, and a promo for Pakistani rock singer Zuj, which I’m sure will be worth the cost of the disc alone.

I can’t wait to finally see this, and I really hope you guys give it a chance when it hits! Here’s the “something different” everyone complains we ain’t getting from Hollywood!

- Johnny Butane

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I love that cover!

Submitted by Chainsaw on Wed, 04/02/2008 - 10:14am.

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