Golden Compass Director on New Moon?

Chris Weitz on board New Moon?You know it’s a slow news day when we’re doing stories on who will be in the director’s chair for New Moon, the upcoming Twilight sequel that Catherine Hardwicke recently stepped away from due to creative differences.

Deadline Daily Hollywood are reporting that Summit have the project out to Golden Compass director Chris Weitz (About a Boy). There’s a chance New Moon and Eclipse, the third book in the series, will be shot back-to-back, and if so Weitz will be on board to direct both. Nothing is confirmed as of yet, though, so don’t start blogging about it or anything till we can tell you for sure.

You know, I foolishly hoped that Twilight would come out, do well, then disappear into the background for a while. Instead it feels like we’re talking about it as much as we were before it was released. Ah, well, at leas the sequel has werewolves.

- Johnny Butane

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Pennywise's picture

You gotta love Hollywood. What do they do to replace the director of their first shitty movie? They hire a guy who directed another shitty movie a few years ago. Fuck this series.

Submitted by Pennywise on Wed, 12/10/2008 - 9:30am.

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