Columbia Pictures Revives Preacher Adaptation!

Preacher is alive again!!Back in August we got hit with the bad news that HBO decided to drop the potential Preacher mini-series and left the chance of seeing the DC/Vertigo comic in live-action form in limbo.

We were getting used to the idea that Jesse Custer's fight to find God and understand the demon that possesses him may never see the light of day. That was until Columbia Pictures stepped in!

THR broke the news that an adaptation is coming and American Beauty director Sam Mendes will be at the helm! No writers or casting decisions have been made yet, but it may be put on the fast track once Mendes finishes promoting Revolutionary Road.

- Syxx

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Sirand's picture

If HBO lost their cojones, no way Columbia will go through with it.

Submitted by Sirand on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 5:23pm.

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