Clips on Haunted Hill

Return to House on Haunted HillWilliam Castle's The House on Haunted Hill is the quintessential haunted house flick for its time. It had it all -- severed heads, spooky hands peeking ominously out from behind a curtain, vats of acid, walking skeletons, and an old blind chick who seemingly floats while grimacing and bearing her claws. (Side Note: That bitch still freaks me out!)

The remake was OK and pretty gory. What went wrong? The ludicrous ending sure didn't help matters, but let's face it; it's hard to replicate an illusion once all the tricks have been seen before.

With Return to House on Haunted Hill just around the corner, I must admit I am curious about the final product and the announced ninety different ways to watch it on HD-DVD.

STYD has scored some clips from the film, and I gotta say it's looking pretty good. Hit that link and check it out for yourselves!

Return to House on Haunted Hill arrives on disc October 16th.

- Uncle Creepy

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