Carnies is a Wrap!

Carnies (click for larger image)There’s just nothing quite like a bloody old fashioned freak show. Word is coming from director Brian Corder that his new film Carnies has reached a state of geek completion. Starring Reggie Bannister, Doug Jones, Lee Perkins, and others, Carnies is set to tell the tale of a bloody murder spree taking place in an old school carnival back in the sideshow heyday of the 1930’s.

The film’s synopsis hits a bit like a slasher mystery with the geeks and freaks falling victim throughout the film until we get to the big reveal. Who dun it? Is it one of the freaks themselves, or is some outside force mowing them down? The year and setting certainly provide a fresh take on the well-trod slasher structure, and a motley group of deformed carnies fleeing some unseen killing force sounds a heck of a lot more entertaining than the stock half dozen teenagers that usually adorn such films.

The next step for the film is to get out and be seen; screenings are planned next. In the interim click on the stills below!

See you at the fair!

Carnies (click for larger image)

Carnies (click for larger image)

Carnies (click for larger image)

- Tristan Sinns

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