Biehn, Elwes Psych Out

First look at Psych: 9!Does this sound like anything new? No, not really, but I’ll be damned if the cast and the site don’t appeal to me more than a little...

We got a heads up from a horror fan from Finland (true story) about the debut feature from Andrew Shortell called Psych: 9, a story of a girl who takes a job at a recently closed asylum to help sort through old records and begins to suspect the former staff may have had something to do with a rash of unsolved murders.

Cary Elwes, no stranger to first-time directors himself, stars alongside consummate badass Michael Biehn, Sara Foster (whom we’ll see soon in Bachelor Party 2!) and Gabriel Mann (Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist). See what I mean? Not a bad lineup of talent at all, especially for your first film.

Check out the very well done official site for Psych: 9 right here to see the trailer and learn more about the film!

- Johnny Butane

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