AVP Trailer Now Online!

New Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem pic!Maybe there is a God after all...

After Paul Anderson brutally raped my inner fanboy, the red-band trailer for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem has emerged onto IGN and seems to have done the impossible: It's erased all those painful memories in a jaw-dropping two minute reel.

This looks like the back-to-basics blood-drenched smackdown we've all been craving. The monsters look great, the visuals are slick, and the kills are abso-fucking-lutely insane! This is one of the year's coolest trailers, hands down!

Of course, I'll remain skeptical until I see this film, but it's pretty clear that the Strause Brothers have a far greater understanding of these two franchises. If the end product is even half as cool as this trailer, color me one happy fan.

Editor's Note: The video over at IGN has been going up and down today. So, if you are having difficulty downloading it be assured that it isn't just you.

- Andrew Kasch

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