A Message from Chas.

Chas Balun**Editor's Note: This is a follow up from the man himself regarding a story we did back here. Keep kicking ass, Chaus!**

After over 14 fuckin' months of surgery / chemo / radiation shit, a recent PET CT scan revealed no evidence of tumor and no spread of disease. Looks like I won this 'un...Yippy-Skippy!

Thanx for all the support, and the kind and encouraging words from so many of your readers. I was sincerely touched by the heartfelt sentiments expressed by horror fiends around the world. I am tremendously humbled and gratified by such a warm and caring response to such a wantonly fucked-up situation.

Again, my deepest, Reddest regards to all who wrote me.

Shit, Howdy!

- Chas. Balun

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