A Disturbing One-Sheet

There’s been no early buzz about Paramount Pictures' upcoming Hitchcock-esque thriller Disturbia about a teen under house arrest who takes up voyeurism only to find out that his neighbor might be a murderer, which somewhat concerns me. The trailer comes off as somewhat uneven in tone, but then maybe that was the intention ... check it out here to see what I mean. Over at Bloody Disgusting the official one-sheet has made itself known, a teaser of which you can see below (smack that link to see the whole thing). Disturbia opens everywhere on April 13th; keep an eye on the official site for Disturbia for more info!

Hit this bitch to see the whole poster!

- Johnny Butane

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Don't ya wish you knew just one person who had murdered someone in their home so you'd have a cool story to tell in our forums?