Storm Warning

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jamie Blanks has spent too much time away from the horror genre (“Storm Warnings Tease” – September 2007). Teen/college slasher films aren't usually my type, but back in 1998 Urban Legend was a fun ride as long as you saw it in a packed theatre.

Storm Warnings Tease

It has been a good long while since Jamie Blanks' Urban Legend and Valentine. I guess his time away from the director's chair had to come to and end, because the Storm Warning is rolling in fast now ("New Storm Warning Art" - January 2007).

New Storm Warning Art

Since Dimension nabbed the release rights to Jamie (Urban Legends) Blanks' latest Aussie-set horror film Storm Warning, all has been quiet about their plans for it.

Dimension Heeds the Warning

Dimension Films continues their sweeping grab of seemingly all things horror with today’s announcement in Variety that they’ve acquired the North America distro rights to Jamie (Urban Legend) Blanks’ latest horror pic, Storm Warning.

Blanks Weathers the Storm

Remember Jamie Blanks? The director who burst onto the scene in the mid-90’s with Urban Legend, then disappeared from the scene (in a directorial status, at least) after Valentine? Well, he’s back with a new film called Storm Warning that sounds like it may not be half bad.