Steven Yeun

A Few Photos from The Walking Dead Episode 2.07 - Pretty Much Dead Already

Yep, here's another "The Walking Dead" story for this Monday afternoon, but considering that after the November 27th episode, entitled "Pretty Much Dead Already", we won't be getting another until February 12th, we'll definitely take what we can get right now!

The Walking Dead: Synopsis and Stills from Episode 2.06 - Secrets and a Look at the Show's Panel During ZomBCon 2011

Haven't gotten your full fix of "The Walking Dead" yet despite our posting earlier today of some previews from the upcoming Episode 2.06, "Secrets"? How about a peek at a few stills, the ep's official synopsis, and a panel with Norman Reedus and Melissa Cowan from ZomBcon 2011?

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Steven Yeun (Glenn) and a Sneak Peek of Episode 2.05 - Chupacabra

A lot happened in last night's episode of "The Walking Dead", including the best zombie gag of the season so far. And was that Merle we saw in the teaser for next week? We'll just have to bide our time until Episode 2.05, "Chupacabra", airs for the details, and what better way to do that than by reading another Q&A with one of the cast members? On tap today we have Steven Yeun (Glenn).

This Friday (10/14/11) The Walking Dead Shamble Through The Soup!

This Sunday "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC to bring on the bloodshed, drama, and carnage we're all craving. A couple of days before that, though, they stare down the crew of E! Entertainment Television's "The Soup". Read on for the 411!

The Walking Dead Webisodes Shamble Online! See All Six Right NOW!

All right, kids! Time for an early fix from the land of "The Walking Dead"! Pull up your chair, sit back, and take the ride. There's never a wrong time for zombie killing fun!

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip from The Walking Dead Season 2

Oh, dearest reader! Have we got something cool for you! An exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the latest season of AMC's hit series "The Walking Dead" that for the time being you won't find ANYWHERE else! Check it out!

Yes, Another New On Air Trailer (#6) for The Walking Dead

For those keeping track, the sixth(!) new on air trailer for Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" has popped up on AMCTV.com, and of course we have it right here. Say what you will about the network, they are pulling out all the stops as far as the promo machine goes for this upcoming season of the show!

Another New On Air Trailer for The Walking Dead

Another new on air trailer for Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" has popped up on AMCTV.com, and of course we have it right here. Watch as series stars Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Laurie Holden, Steven Yeun, and Sarah Wayne Callies, along with comic creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman, promise the fans, "We pull no punches this season!"

Exclusive Video of the Paleyfest 2011 The Walking Dead Panel

As promised in his report from the 2011 Paleyfest panel for "The Walking Dead", our man on the scene Andrew Kasch has provided us with video of the event, which you can see right here!

Paleyfest 2011: Update on The Walking Dead

One of the advantages of living in Southern California is the ability to attend the annual Paleyfest at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, and Andrew K. just reported in with news from tonight's opening event: "The Walking Dead".

The Walking Dead: Two Behind-the-Scenes Videos and a Q&A with Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale)

The Season One finale of "The Walking Dead" is coming closer and closer so of course AMC is letting loose with all manner of new behind-the-scenes videos and interviews with the show's stars. Up next are some hang-out time with Steven Yeun (Glenn) and a closer look at Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale)'s RV along with a Q&A with fan favorite DeMunn.

The Walking Dead Surpasses Its Own Record Ratings; Celebrate with Some Fan Art

You know your TV show has made it once the fan art starts rolling in, and AMC's "The Walking Dead" is no exception. Not to mention that you can also consider it a hit when the ratings for Episode 5 surpass those for the premiere by a solid 300,000 viewers.

The Walking Dead: A Clip from the Season Finale and a Q&A with Laurie Holden (Andrea)

Well, hasn't this just been the quickest six weeks in history?!? On Sunday, December 5th, we'll see the season finale of AMC's "The Walking Dead", entitled "TS-19", and here's a sneak peek clip to help build the anticipation even more (as if such a thing is possible). Also included is a brief Q&A with series regular Laurie Holden (Andrea); as always, beware of spoilers!

The Walking Dead: A Sneak Peek of Episode 5 and a Q&A with Emma Bell (Amy)

After last night installment of "The Walking Dead", the body count is really starting to rise. Will it continue in Episode 5, "Wildfire"? Check out this sneak peek of the ep along with a Q&A with the lovely Emma Bell (Amy) to see if you can uncover any clues. But beware if you're not caught up as spoilers abound.

The Walking Dead: A Sneak Peek of Episode 4 and a Q&A with Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes)

On last night's episode of "The Walking Dead", fans of the comic were rewarded with the reunion they knew was coming. As for those who haven't yet read the zombie epic, they got to soak up some character development. Lord only knows what's in store for us in Episode 4, "Vatos"; check out a sneak peek in which Shane and the other survivors try to talk some sense into Jim.