Steven Strait

After Your Weekend Watch This Trailer

Matchbox Films today announced the UK DVD release of Ryan Smith’s sci-fi thriller After (review) starring Karolina Wydra (“True Blood”) and Steven Strait (10,000 Years BC) with a street date of May 26th.

Mongrel Media Goes After Movie with True Blood Star

So let's see... Karolina Wydra scores a role as a vampire on HBO's "True Blood," and now her flick from the UK entitled After nets Stateside distribution from Mongrel Media. Happy coincidence? Nope! According to Jinga Film's Rosana Coutinho, interest in the movie surged on the back of Wydra’s casting.

After (2012)

Starring Steven Strait, Karolina Wydra, Sandra Ellis Lafferty Directed by Ryan Smith

New Indie Horror Flick Comes After You

Sometimes surviving a horrific accident can be just the beginning of the horrors that are waiting for you later. The latest indie flick shopping around Cannes, After, illustrates that terrifying fact perfectly. Check out some art, stills, and a trailer!