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First Behind-the-Scenes Stills from Marcus Nispel's Backmask

The very first bit of eye candy in promotion of Marcus Nispel's new flick, Backmask, has arrived; and the restraint shown with lens flaring is admirable. They're just on the cusp of casting those angelic halos! Dig 'em!

Rob Zombie Talks Lords of Salem

Fans wondering what's going on with Rob Zombie's latest flick, The Lords of Salem, are in luck today as the rocker turned filmmaker updated his official site with the movie's status. Read on for the very latest.

Things Heat Up in New Stills From Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

It's been a while since last we heard anything from Rob Zombie regarding his latest film, The Lords of Salem, but that changed this morning when the rocker turned filmmaker posted some new images on his official site.

Even More Casting News for Marcus Nispel's Backmask

Some pretty good names have come in to fill out the casting ranks of Marcus Nispel's new film, Backmask, and we have all the latest on who's who and what's what. Or something like that. No really, we're good at this, we promise.

More Casting News Coming in For Marcus Nispel's Backmask

More casting news has hit the interwebs for Marcus Nispel's latest flick, Backmask, and we have the info for you right here filled with the power color orange and riddled with lens flares from every conceivable angle. Well, not really, but there is news!

Backmask Finally Starts Casting

At last year's Cannes Film Market, director Marcus Nispel's new film, Backmask, was officially announced. Here we are, a year later and we finally have some casting news for you cats. Read on to see who the next person to be bathed in lens flares will be.

The Director of Candyman Makes a Sx_Tape at Cannes

Yeah, so what if that headline look as if it were torn right from TMZ? We can't help but revel in it! That being said, director Bernard Rose (Candyman) has a new flick working its way around Cannes entitled Sx_Tape, and we have the first details for you here!

Take a Shaky Peek at the Trailer for Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

On Friday, May 11th, at the PNC Bank Arts Center, Rob Zombie gave fans in attendance at his show with Megadeth a sneak peek at his new film, The Lords of Salem. Of course someone there had a camera and hit YouTube. Dig it!

The Lords of Salem Trailer to Premiere May 11th During Rob Zombie/Megadeth Show

After months of showing off every image imaginable from his The Lords of Salem, Rob Zombie has been uncharacteristically quiet with regard to the film, but that's about to change as news has finally been posted on his official website as to when and where fans can check out the trailer.

Chuck's Vik Sahay Joins WER

In a day brimming with all manner of casting news that began with Tom Cruise playing Van Helsing of all things, yet more additions have come our way. Next up ... WER.

Not Safe For Work Lords of Salem Behind-the-Scenes Still Has a Lot of Balls

I always joked that if I were a woman I would be eyeballing anything that would ... um ... fit in terms of self pleasure, but even I would have to draw the line here. One word, kids, YIKES!

WER Cast Shifting into Shape

More quick casting news coming in for the latest cinéma vérité style werewolf flick, Wer. Read on for the latest and stay off of the moors.

New Lords of Salem Behind-the-Scenes Image Gets Fit

Because we know that you cats like seeing everything down to the tiniest of details, we have on tap for you another behind-the-scenes image from Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem. Dig it!

New Lords of Salem Behind-the-Scenes Image Rockin' a SERIOUS Beard

There are beards, and then there's what you're about to see. This thing is just gnarly. There are things and ideas living in it. Even the sharpest of razor blades would quake in fear!

More Behind-the-Scenes Lords of Salem Photos - The Editing Bay!

Rob Zombie's at it again, posting behind-the-scenes photos from The Lords of Salem that don't tell us much about the film itself, but everyone involved sure seems to be having a good time in the editing bay!