Steven Schneider

Marcus Nispel Chills Between Kills on Backmask

Killing can be tiring. That's why on even the bloodiest of film sets you have to take a few minutes to chill out and get things back to eye level. That's exactly what's happening in this latest behind-the-scenes still from Backmask.

Bloody First Look at Nick Nicotera in Backmask

We're not entirely sure what actor Nick Nicotera is up to in these latest stills from Marcus Nispel's Backmask, but one thing is certain... the man has bad intentions. We like that. We like that very much! Dig it!

Brittany Curran Has Seen Better Days in First Still from Backmask

It's been awhile since last we saw anything pertaining to Marcus Nispel's latest film, Backmask, but that has changed thanks to its star, Brittany Curran, who tweeted out the following image with the caption, “This is what I look like right after I kill a few people.”

Elijah Wood, Leigh Whannell, and Steven Schneider Want to Give You Cooties

Synchronicity Entertainment has unveiled its debut slate of three new feature films, which include horror project Cooties from writer Leigh Whannell (Saw, Insidious) and producer Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity franchise) starring Elijah Wood.

TIFF 2012: Anchor Bay Acquires US Distribution for Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

On the final day of the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, US distribution rights to Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem (review here) were acquired by Anchor Bay Films.

TIFF 2012: Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem - Read the Review!

The waiting is over, and the verdict is here! Does Rob Zombie's latest film, The Lords of Salem, shape up into everything we have been hoping for? Has the director finally been unchained from the Hollywood leash?

TIFF 2012: Video of Lords of Salem Q&A with Rob Zombie and More!

Small video cameras and YouTube have enabled fans to be everywhere at any time. Such is the case with the Toronto International Film Festival's Q&A with Rob Zombie after the premiere of his latest film, The Lords of Salem (expect a review soon).

TIFF 2012: First Look at Jeff Daniel Phillips in Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

We're getting closer to the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem (expect a review soon), and to keep you geared up for the flick, we've got a brand new still to share! Dig it!

TIFF 2012: New Lords of Salem One-Sheet Has Us Seeing Red

Director Rob Zombie continues on with his colorful ways with this latest one-sheet for his new film, The Lords of Salem. Look for it to premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Dig it!

TIFF 2012: New Lords of Salem One-Sheet Comes Our Way

The Lords are coming! The Lords are coming! The Lords are coming! We just hope that by the time they finish, they'll clean up after themselves. In any event, check out the new teaser one-sheet for the next film from Rob Zombie, The Lords of Salem.

TIFF 2012: New Lords of Salem One-Sheet Sporting Sheri Moon and Her Otis Complex

We're as excited as can be to see a new and original film from Rob Zombie, and at this year's TIFF we'll be getting just that when The Lords of Salem makes its debut. We just wish one of Sheri's looks in the flick didn't remind us so much of Otis from the end of House of 1000 Corpses.

TIFF 2012: New Lords of Salem One-Sheet Proves Even Mummified Priests Get the Blues

With yesterday's announcement that Rob Zombie's new film The Lords of Salem will be premiering this September as part of the Toronto International Film Festival's Midnight Madness program, we showed you two new stills. Now we have a new poster for you to dig on!

Rob Zombie Offers Update on The Lords of Salem

We've seen tons of stills and behind-the-scenes images from Rob Zombie's latest film, The Lords of Salem, but really not much beyond that. No trailer, no clips, nothing. That being said, Artist Direct caught up with Rob and came back with a status report.

Something's Rotting in Latest Lords of Salem Image

Another new image had made its way online for the upcoming Rob Zombie flick The Lords of Salem, this time featuring some of the killer effects work of Wayne Toth, who still takes great joy in fondling the dead. Dig it!