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Early Behind-the-Scenes Images: Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom

Director Joe Lynch is hard at work prepping his latest film, Knights of Badassdom, for public consumption, but that doesn't mean he isn't taking a moment every now and again to share some images from all the upcoming craziness.

Summer Glau Joins Joe Lynch's The Knights of Badassdom

And the names just keep on coming for Joe Lynch's upcoming horror/comedy/thriller Knights of Badassdom, and when we think badass chick, this latest addition more than fits the bill!

Community Member Becomes One of the Knights of Badassdom!

More casting news has come in regarding Joe Lynch's next feature film, Knights of Badassdom - a very funny and familiar face will be joining the ensuing fight against evil!

More Knights of Badassdom Casting News: True Blood's Ryan Kwanten Joins in on the Mayhem

It's been a while since last we spoke about Joe Lynch's next feature film effort, Knights of Badassdom, but some unexpected casting news just sneaked its way online so we had to share!

Win $100,000 on A Perfect Getaway

In a pretty ambitious sweepstakes, Rogue Pictures and MovieTickets.com are offering you an opportunity to win a hefty sum of cash or your own perfect getaway, courtesy of the new David Twohy thriller A Perfect Getaway.

Two New Clips for A Perfect Getaway

David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway is just around the corner, and to offer you some inspiration as to why you should be planning your own perfect getaway, we've got two new clips for you to stew on to go along with the other three from last week!

A Perfect Getaway Gone Awry!

This just in: Honeymooners and regular tourists planning trips to the South Pacific are recommended to take caution, as no one wants A Perfect Getaway to turn into a perfect nightmare.

A Perfect Batch of Stills from A Perfect Getaway

Can't wait for August 7th to get here? Need your Milla fix now? Don't worry, kids! We've got a boatload of stills from David Twohy's new thriller A Perfect Getaway to tide you over!

Three New Clips: A Perfect Getaway

With the release of David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway just around the corner, all sorts of goodies have been popping up online, including a very snazzy A Perfect Getaway website and more!

First TV Spot: A Perfect Getaway

TV spots are starting to roll in for David Twohy's new feature, A Perfect Getaway, and we have a look at one of them for you right now. Dig it! Synopsis

A Perfect Getaway Comes a Week Early

A Perfect Getaway, David Twohy's terror tale of a honeymoon gone horribly awry, will be storming into theatres a whole week early! Proving conclusively that sooner Milla is so much better than later Milla!

International One-Sheet - A Perfect Getaway

Heads. Floating heads. Heads in boxes. What is with poster artists nowadays? There was a time when poster art could make me want to see a movie. Now ... we get heads. Heads, heads, and more heads. In any event the international one-sheet for David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway has surfaced and guess what it features?

A Perfect Getaway to Get a Director's Cut

Good news for fans anxiously anticipating David Twohy's thriller A Perfect Getaway! Turns out by the time the film hits home video, we'll have a shiny new director's cut waiting for us to sink our teeth into!

A Perfect Getaway: Canadian Style

While we wait for the official US poster for David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway, here's a look at the Canadian version. Considering the film opens August 14th, it probably won't be long before we see what they come up with for those of us in the States.

A Perfect Trailer for A Perfect Getaway

For those of you who just can't wait until this weekend's debut of the trailer for David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway before Drag Me to Hell, you're in luck as Yahoo! Movies is providing a sneak peek.