Steve Oram

New Sightseers Image Picks Your Bones Dry

Another new still from Ben Wheatley's latest film, Sightseers, is here; and it mixes some death into the picturesque landscapes we've gotten used to seeing from the flick! Check it out, but don't get too close. Things like this fester disease!

Check Out More Sights From Sightseers

More stills from Ben Wheatley's latest film, Sightseers, are here; and as you would imagine, they're pretty damned breathtaking, and not in the "holy shit, I'm being strangled" kind of way either.

First Sightseers Still Lives Up to its Namesake

The first still from Ben Wheatley's latest film, Sightseers, is here, and as the title would imply, it's pretty damned beautiful to look at. Ah, Mother Nature. You sexy bitch!

Sightseers Gets a Logo, Website, and Synopsis

A bit more news has come in for Ben Wheatley's latest film, Sightseers. A website has been set up that's home to the first bit of eye candy and plot details. Of course we have them here for you. Dig it!

Ben Wheatley Begins Sightseeing

Just a quick update on the next film from director Ben Wheatley (Kill List), entitled Sightseers. The flick has begun shooting and will continue to do so for the next four weeks in Derbyshire, Yorkshire and the Lake District.

Ben Wheatley Hits the Road with the Sightseers

With his satanic themed film Kill List still very much burning up the festival circuit with a release from IFC coming later this year, all eyes are on director Ben Wheatley in terms of what he's going to do next.