Steve Goltz

Film Students' Traumatizing Work Banned From College Presentation ... But We've Got it Here!

Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield are burgeoning filmmakers at Arizona State University. After hearing that no student work would ever be censored by the college's film program, the duo set out to create an in-your-face slasher flick to appeal to horror fans. Thus, Teddy: It's Gonna Be A Bear was born and was then promptly yanked from the Annual Capstone Film Showcase, the film program's big screening of the year.

Popularity Killer Proves it Isn't Always Good to Be the Cool Kid

Ah, the cool kids. They do carry quite a burden. It's not easy having perfect hair and teeth and keeping that sports car looking shiny when they're banging cheerleaders on the hood every night. Cool kids have their crosses to bear. Unfortunately, in Popularity Killer things get a little tougher for them when a serial killer comes after their perfect asses.