Steve Buscemi

Igor Coming Home This January

It didn’t do any kind of business to speak of at the box office, so I guess it’s not surprising that MGM isn’t dumping a lot of effort into the DVD release of Igor. MGM announced today that the disc will be out on January 20th and won’t have a helluva lot on it.

Igor (2008)

Reviewed by Nomad Featuring the voices of John Cusack, Myleene Klass, Robin Howard, Matt McKenna, John Cleese, Steve Buscemi Directed by Anthony Leondis

Switch Thrown on Igor Trailer

Striving to be more than just the little man who pulls the switch for the great inventor, Igor is setting out on his own to become a mad scientist in his own right. All that stands in his way are prejudices and another evil genius.

Igor Invents a One Sheet

Today, thanks to IMP Awards, we got a chance to look at the first official one sheet for the upcoming CGI film Igor. Anthony Leondis may not have a lot of directorial experience with animated films, but I've got faith that the wealth of material available for him to draw from will be put to good use.