Stephen Spielberg

Deal to Resurrect Terra Nova on Netflix Extinct

"Terra Nova" fans, we've got bad news for you. It looks like a potential deal between 20th Century Fox TV and Netflix to bring back the show is as dead as... well... the dinosaurs.

Terra Nova - Follow the Rules or Become Dino-Dinner!

Entertainment Weekly, Steven Spielberg, and Fox are deeply concerned about your well being when it comes to being around dinosaurs, and as a result, they've partnered to bring you an exclusive trio of safety conscious posters related to the new series "Terra Nova". Dig 'em!

First Terra Nova Commercial Brings Together Man and Pissed Off Dinosaur

This fall the new Steven Spielberg produced series "Terra Nova" will be stomping its way across Fox stations nationwide and to get you all geared up for this latest clash with the prehistoric era a new trailer has just debuted online. Dig it!

Fox TV Pulls Terra Nova Off its May Schedule; Will Debut in the Fall

It's been a while since we mentioned Fox TV's upcoming "Terra Nova" from the Stephen Spielberg camp as its horror connection is admittedly light, but considering it's Spielberg plus dinosaurs with the great Stephen Lang thrown in for good measure, we figured our readers would be interested in the latest bit of news to hit the Net regarding the show.