Stephen Romano

Shock Festival Runner-Up & Exclusive New Poster!

If you entered our ongoing Shock Festival contest but didn’t win last week, don’t think that means your idea wasn’t good enough! Romano’s got a lot of entries to choose from, and sometimes he even has to pick a runner-up for the contest.

First Shock Festival Winner Announced!

The first winner of our exclusive Shock Festival contest has been picked, and his film has been immortalized by the most badass poster artist in the last ten years, Stephen Romano! Read more to see if your idea made the cut!

Shock Festival Gets a Boost of Butane!

Yesterday we got to see what my poster looked like, so today Stephen Romano decide to unleash another one. This time the star of the show is our own Johnny Butane! I must say he's looking far better here than he does in person!

New Shock Festival Poster Featuring One of Our Own!

Stephen Romano sent us over a new poster he just completed work on for the fictional film Trenchcoat Trailer Park Massacre, and in it you may recognize a familiar face ...

Exclusive: New Beyond Dunwich Teaser Poster and Lobby Cards!

You know, when reporting the news, it's sometimes wise to let images do the talking rather than words. This is one of those times.

Dunwich Horror Descends on Providence!

Personally I can’t say if Beyond the Dunwich Horror is going to be a worthwhile Lovecraft adaptation, but the makers sure did get one thing right so far; they commissioned Shock Festival (pre-order it here) author/artist/screenwriter Stephen Romano to make their pos

Exclusive: HUGE Shock Festival News & Exclusive Posters!

Great news, gorehounds! Stephen Romano's latest work Shock Festival has just been officially picked up by IDW Publishing, and you can pre-order yourselves a copy right now!

Exclusive: Shock Festival Posters!

We first told you about author, screenwriter, and artist Stephen Romano's latest project Shock Festival ( "Welcome to the Shock Festival!" - January 2008) just a few days ago, and now we have some exclusive posters to show you that you won't see anywhere else!

Welcome to the Shock Festival!

Author, screenwriter and artist Stephen Romano wants to take us on a trip behind-the-scenes of 101 of the sleaziest films you've never seen! Impossible? Why, no sir! Nothing like this is beyond reach thanks to his new book Shock Festival.

Masters Of Horror: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (Television)

Episode 1 Starring Bree Turner, Ethan Embry, John de Santis, Angus Scrimm Directed by Don Coscarelli Airdate: October 28, 2005