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A New Sneak Peek at True Blood Season Four

HBO is starting to pull out the big promo guns with regard to the June 26th premiere of "True Blood" Season Four as it gave "Extra" correspondent Mario Lopez a sneak peek of what fans cans expect this year. Of course we have it right here for you to see!

Another New True Blood Teaser: Witches vs. Vampires

The June 26th premiere of "True Blood" Season 4 is just a few short weeks away, and this latest teaser promises some good ol' witch-on-vampire action. Oh, yes, there's a new coven in town!

Priest CENTRAL - Read the Review, Watch the Interviews, and More!

Trying to decide if you should go see Priest 3D this weekend? Let us help you with that decision with a compilation of our past coverage on this big-screen adaptation of the beloved graphic novel series.

True Blood Season 4 Gets a Real Trailer

After what seemed like a really long wait, the popular vampire show that continues to confound me finally has an actual trailer. None of that pointless teaser nonsense. This one actually shows some stuff that I'm sure makes sense to the fans.

New True Blood Season 4 Teaser and Premiere Synopsis

Lest anyone think the folks behind "True Blood" have forgotten about the regulars what with all the new blood that'll be appearing in Season 4 of the series, this new promo, entitled "Screen Test" is all about showing love to the original cast members. Check it out, and then read on for the synopsis of "She's Not There", the season opener.

An Invitation to the Set of True Blood Season Four

After months of waiting (which still sucks, by the way), fans of "True Blood" were given a short but sweet taste of what's in store for them in Season Four of the popular HBO series by way of a new video that goes on the set and includes quick soundbites from creator/executive producer Alan Ball along with just about everyone in the cast.

It's Stephen Moyer's Turn to Remind True Blood Fans Waiting Sucks

HBO's "Waiting Sucks" campaign for the fourth season of "True Blood" kicked it up a notch with the appearance of Stephen Moyer as vampire Bill Compton. Even better? He's not alone, but his companion is not who you'd probably think it is.

Sony Pictures Answers the Phone for The Caller

Well, that didn't take very long. Some more J-Horror inspired goodness has found a home so that it may infect audiences here in the States.

HBO's True Blood: Holiday DVD and Blu-ray Promo

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the "True Blood" fan in your life? HBO has put together a very clever promo spot to remind you that while we're still waiting for the third season to hit DVD and Blu-ray, "True Blood": The Complete Second Season is available now on both formats.

One-Sheet Debut - The Caller! Don't Answer the Phone!!!

The official one-sheet from Matthew Parkhill's J-horror inspired film The Caller is here and if we want to stay alive we'll heed its ominous warning! The film, once a Brittany Murphy vehicle before her untimely death, now stars Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer, and Luis Guzman. Dig on the goods after the plot crunch. Synopsis

AFM 2010: First Image from The Caller

The first still from Matthew Parkhill's J-horror inspired film The Caller has arrived, and we have it for you in all its atmospheric glory. The film, once a Brittany Murphy vehicle before her untimely death, now stars Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer, and Luis Guzman. Dig on the goods after the plot crunch. Synopsis

True Blood Casting Scoop! Season 4 Taking Shape!

Last season of the HBO phenomenon known as "True Blood" ended on a bit of an unsatisfactory note that had some fans pleased and others let down. With Season 4 on the way we're hoping all those wrongs can be corrected.

True Blood Feature Film on the Way?

HBO's hit series "True Blood" just wrapped up its third season, and it's hotter than ever, despite its timid season finale. The show is so popular in fact there are already rumblings of a feature film that will be coming sooner rather than later.

True Blood Season 3 Finale: Inside the Episode, Alan Ball's Thank You, Viewer Count

Season Three of HBO's "True Blood" came to an end this past Sunday night, and while some viewers were a bit underwhelmed by the finale, there's no denying showrunner Alan Ball really amped up the series' sex 'n gore quotient this year, which possibly aided in its 5% increase over the S

Chat with Kristin Bauer van Straten and Joe Manganiello After the True Blood Season Finale

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