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True Blood: A Trio of Preview Clips from Episode 41 Me and the Devil

Ready for three sneak peeks for the upcoming episode of "True Blood" entitled Me and the Devil? Of course you are! You know damned well you're hooked. Check 'em out! Episode #41 (S4, Ep. 5): “Me and the Devil,” Sunday, July 24

Official Release Details and New One-Sheet: The Caller

A few days ago we told you that The Caller would be headed to theatres for a limited release here in the States, and now we've got the official word and first look at some new artwork. Dig it!

True Blood: Recap and Inside the Episode of "I'm Alive and on Fire", a Preview of "Me and the Devil"

The jury's still out on this season of HBO's "True Blood". For some of us there are just too many storylines we don't care about while others enjoy them all. In any event, everyone should appreciate a quick recap of Ep. 40, "I'm Alive and on Fire", along with a look Inside the Episode, and per usual we also have a preview of next week's "Me and the Devil".

The Caller Heads to Theatres

Some good news coming in for fans eagerly awaiting word on when they will be able to see the recently acquired by Sony thriller The Caller. The little flick will be heading to a few theatres before coming home. Read on for details.

True Blood: A Trio of Preview Clips from Episode 40 I'm Alive and on Fire

After coming out of the gate strong this season, "True Blood" hit a bit of a bump in the road last week although we have to admit that amnesiac Eric is one of the best things we've seen yet on the show. How will Episode 40 "I'm Alive and on Fire" stack up? Check out these three preview clips and let us know what you think.

True Blood: Go Inside and Get a Recap of Episode 39; Preview Episode 40 "I'm Alive and On Fire"

It's another Monday so that means we have "True Blood" videos to share from last night's Episode 39, "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?" (both a recap and a look Inside the Episode), along with a preview of Episode 40, "I'm Alive and on Fire". So, what does everyone think of the season thus far?

True Blood: Three Preview Clips from Episode 39 "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"

After the events of the last episode of "True Blood", we assume the person dyin' in the title of Episode 39 is Jason Stackhouse, but you can never be too sure. So join us in checking out these three clips from "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?" to see if they shed any light on the subject.

True Blood Fireworks for the 4th: "You Smell Like Dinner" Recap & Inside the Episode; "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?" Preview

Looking for something to light up your 4th of July celebration? How about recap and "inside the episode" videos for last night's "You Smell Like Dinner" episode of "True Blood" and a preview of next week's "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"

True Blood: Three Preview Clips from Episode 38 You Smell Like Dinner

Looking forward to the second episode of Season Four of HBO's "True Blood"? Yeah, we are, too, and to help get us all geared up for it, we have three clips from "You Smell Like Dinner" hot and fresh out of the oven. Dig 'em!

Spoiler Alert: Find Out What Role Scott Foley Will Play on True Blood

Around a week ago it was announced that Scott Foley would be joining the cast of HBO's hit vampire series "True Blood" for this season's finale episode, and if the show is renewed (as if it wouldn't be), his character would become a regular.

What's in Store for True Blood Season 4? Bite on This!

Last night's premiere of "True Blood" gave fans lots to digest by catching up with the characters over a year after Sookie's disappearance. So what lies ahead? Take a look for yourself!

True Blood Bonanza: "She's Not There" Recap & Inside the Episode, "You Smell Like Dinner" Preview, New Jessica's Blog Entry

Who said Mondays have to suck? Especially now that "True Blood" is back and HBO has provided us with recap and "inside the episode" videos for last night's "She's Not There" ep and a preview of next week's "You Smell Like Dinner"! And if that's not enough, we also have a new entry in Jessica's blog entitled "A House Is Not a Home".

Katherine Helmond Ready to Show True Blood Fans Who's the Boss of the Bellefleurs!

Even more casting news has come in for HBO's hit vampire series "True Blood", which will be making its Season Four debut this coming Sunday, June 26th. So who's next to walk amongst the dead? Read on for the details.

Feed Your Hunger for True Blood While Playing With (Paper)Dolls

Waiting for HBO's "True Blood" still sucks even if it's just for a few more days. So, in the interim how about we play with Sookie, Bill, Eric, and the rest of the Bon Temps gang? Oh, the possibilities!

Three True Blood Variant EW Covers For You to Feast On!

Every time a highly anticipated television or movie event comes around, Entertainment Weekly celebrates by offering fans the opportunity to buy and collect their favorite variant covers. Such is the case with HBO's "True Blood".