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No Way In or Out of These Under the Dome Character Posters

Despite CBS not being very horror-friendly, we're looking forward to seeing its adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome." We do know they're not shy about promoting the show since we found some billboard-sized character posters in our travels around LA. Check 'em out!

A Few Teasers of What's Ahead in Under the Dome

CBS screened a first look at "Under the Dome" earlier this week, and teasers of what's ahead have been popping up online so we've compiled a Top Five list right here along with info on where you can find the rest.

Carrie Pulls Up to Prom in New Still

The wonderful thing about this new still from Carrie is that even though Ms. White is the one who looks scared in it, we know the bloody terror she's actually set to unleash. Lord, we cannot wait. Check it out!

Official Under the Dome One-Sheet Tugs at the Heartstrings

You know what's weird? We could watch movies with people of all ages getting torn to shreds all day while having an absolute blast of a good time, but show us an image of a sad animal and we get all pouty. That being said, this latest "Under the Dome" art makes us sad pandas.

Joyland (Book)

Written by Stephen King Published by Titan Books

Stephen King Talks Under the Dome and What Scared Him as a Child

With Stephen King's "Under the Dome" getting closer, the prolific and much beloved author recently sat down for an interview with Parade Magazine to talk about the show as well as what stories scared him as a youngster.

New Carrie Motion Poster Gets Things Shakin'

Friday is here, it's Memorial Day Weekend, and we're all but checked out just like the rest of you cats. But before you start packing your coolers and firing up your grills, we have a new motion poster on tap for you from the upcoming flick Carrie! Dig it!

Stephen King Forgoing an eBook Release for Joyland

The news that eBook pioneer Stephen King is opting out of releasing his upcoming Joyland in eBook form, instead throwing his support behind brick-and-mortar booksellers, is surprising. A change of heart from the man who stood onstage with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to introduce the Kindle 2?

Watch an Extended Preview of Under the Dome

CBS is pretty light on horror these days, but we do have "Under the Dome" to look forward to next month. Check out an extended preview of the show, which premieres June 24th.

John Cusack Begins Beating Off the Dead in Stephen King's Cell in September

No, not like that, you filthy perverts; but oh, how we love the way that your minds work. We're talking about the latest Stephen King adaptation that's been announced just in time for Cannes. Read on for some new details regarding Cell.

Cemetery Dance Announces Stephen King's The Dark Man: An Illustrated Poem

Cemetery Dance has announced a new Stephen King project, The Dark Man: An Illustrated Poem, which will be illustrated by Glenn Chadbourn and printed in a few very limited and collectible editions. Read on for the details, covers, and some sample drawings .

Stephen Lang Married to Stephen King's A Good Marriage

The casting news continues for the adaptation of the Stephen King novella from Full Dark No Stars entitled A Good Marriage as a seasoned actor has gone from destroying planets and fighting dinosaurs to one hell of a marital dispute.

More Incredible Art from Cemetery Dance's Special Edition of Doctor Sleep

Cemetery Dance's special edition of Stephen King's The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep, sold out in record time. If you missed out, here's a look at a few color interiors from artist Vincent Chong that include an introduction to two main characters, Abra Stone and Rose Flanagan.

Carrie Shows Her Momma Some Mother's Day Love

Margaret White has an extraordinary relationship with her daughter, Carrie. So much so that the supernatural little scamp has created this wonderful animated Mother's Day card just for her! Check it out!

There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of This New Preview for Under the Dome

CBS has released a new preview for its upcoming summer series "Under the Dome," which is titled "Watchtower." What would you do if the town where you lived was cut off from the world?