Stephen King

Poster and Trailer for Stephen Hyams' The Boogeyman Adaptation

Another Stephen King adaptation is here, this time from Stephen Hyams for The Boogeyman, which began its life as a short story published in the magazine Cavalier and later appeared in the 1978 collection Night Shift. Check out the film's poster art and trailer.

A Look Inside Cemetery Dance's Special Editions of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

The other day we told you about the special editions of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep that are coming our way from Cemetery Dance Publications, and now we have a look at some of the black & white artwork that is exclusive to them. Check it out, but beware of spoilers!

Under the Dome Cast Expands to Include True Blood's Aisha Hinds

"True Blood" fans know her as Miss Jeanette and "Cult" viewers will soon be meeting her as Detective Sakelik, but "Under the Dome" Aisha Hinds will be known as entertainment attorney Carolyn Hill.

Cemetery Dance Publishing Special Editions of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

Excited about Doctor Sleep, Stephen King's upcoming sequel to The Shining? Then you just may want to splurge on Cemetery Dance Publications' Slipcased Oversized Hardcover Gift Edition.

CBS Teases Under the Dome During Super Bowl XLVII

As home to the Super Bowl broadcast, CBS is taking advantage of a captive audience by promoting its current and upcoming projects, and the one spot that caught our eye is this teaser for "Under the Dome" that directed us to a pretty cool - and creepy - website.

Stephen King on Doctor Sleep's Origins, a Possible Movie Prequel to The Shining, His Legacy, and More

A few weeks ago EW released some teasers from its in-depth interview with Stephen King for Doctor Sleep (coming in September), and now they've published the whole thing. We have several highlights here.

Carrie Lacks Basic Knowledge of Human Anatomy and Behavior

If there's one area that young Carrie White is lacking in, it's the basic understanding of her ... umm ... private parts! And we're not the only ones who notice it either. In fact, you can check out her report card right now. We can almost hear the kids shouting, "Plug it up! Plug it up!"

Glee and Nashville Stars Slide Under the Dome

And the casting news continues for the upcoming CBS adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome as familiar faces from two other shows have signed up for active duty. Read on for the latest.

Britt Robertson Seeks Shelter Under the Dome

Some more casting news is making the rounds regarding the upcoming CBS adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome, and we have all the info that you need right here waiting for your hungry peepers.

The Shining's Cut Epilogue Shines On

Every now and again someone digs up a long lost relic pertaining to Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece The Shining, and each time it happens, what we see leaves us grinning from ear to ear. Kind of like the way Nicholson did in his "Heeeere's Johnny!" moment.

Two More Actors Join CBS's Under the Dome Adaptation

Two more roles have been cast in the upcoming CBS adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome, and we have all the info you need right here.

Stephen King Talks About His Literary Visit to Doctor Sleep

Stephen King's The Shining sequel, entitled Doctor Sleep, is being released on September 24th, 2013, by both Scribner and Hodder & Stoughton, and recently Entertainment Weekly caught up with the author to talk about his long awaited book.

Kick-Ass Fan-Made Carrie Poster Making the Rounds

A new one-sheet for Carrie is making the rounds online, but there's one hitch... it is fan-made. You guys are so tricky sometimes. Either way, it's cool enough to give you a gander at so dig it!

First Casting News Found Under the Dome

The first actor to slide Under the Dome for Stephen King and CBS has been announced, and fans of the TV series "Supernatural" should be pretty delighted! Colin Ford, who played the young Sam Winchester, has signed on for active duty!

TCA: More Details on the CBS Adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome

Attendees of CBS’s executive session with Nina Tassler held during the winter Television Critics Association event saw a promo video for “Under the Dome” and heard from author Stephen King and screenwriter Brian K. Vaughan via a second video.