Stella Maeve

It's Going to Be a Dark Summer for Stella Maeve

Grace director Paul Solet had found his leading lady for his upcoming film, Dark Summer, and we're happy to report that it will be The Runwaways and Manson Girls star Stella Maeve. Read on for more about the project which was announced at Cannes.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Recreator to Be Shown in Midnight Screening

Dangerous doppelgangers will be stealing a bit of thunder from the werewolves, vampires, superheroes, and stormtroopers roaming the halls of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con when the highly anticipated sci‐fi thriller Recreator hosts a midnight screening on Saturday, July 23rd, at Landmark's Hillcrest Cinemas.

Two More Manson Girls Sign Up to Serve Charlie - Gillian Zinser and Taryn Manning

You know, I've seen lots of documentaries surrounding Charlie and his umm ... angels, but I don't ever recall any one of those chicks being as hot as those cast in the upcoming flick Manson Girls!

Bill Moseley Channels Charlie for Manson Girls

We firmly believe that certain stars are born to play certain roles. Take Jeffrey Combs for instance; he'll always be Poe to us. Lots of actors have played the infamous Charles Manson over the years, but if we had to pick one who hasn't that easily should, it's Bill Moseley. Apparently someone else thought so, too.

More Chicks Become Manson Girls

Oh, Charlie! You knew how to pick them! So young! So beautiful! So damned deadly! More cast members have joined the ever-growing cult of Manson Girls for Susanna Lo's latest film take on Manson's real life madness, and we've got the skinny on who they are!