Stefano Bessoni

Creepy One-Sheet for Imago Mortis

The new Spanish one-sheet surfaced this morning for the Stefano Bessoni shocker Imago Mortis, and it seemingly fits the tone of the film perfectly.

Spanish and ItalianTrailers for Imago Mortis

From the producers of Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage and the script writer of [REC], comes a new chilling horror film from director Stefano Bessoni -- Imago Mortis! Curious? Yeah, us too.

Art & Trailer for Bessoni's Imago Mortis

It is said that, back in the days before photography was a mainstay of the world at large, early practitioners of the art attempted to use a form of it to capture human souls. Of course, the only time the soul could be captured was when it was leaving its host body, and the only way that could happen is death, so said practitioners were not what one would call well regarded.

Creepy New Imago Mortis Pics

If there was ever news that rolled in slower than a snail, it would be that regarding Stefano Bessoni’s Imago Mortis.

New Imago Mortis Images

Yes, it’s great that Richard Stanley stepped in and did a re-write on the script for Imago Mortis, the co-production from PixStar and Medusa Films that we last told you about here. In fact, if it weren’t for that element, this may have gone completely under our radar, despite the fact that Stefano Bessoni is helming it.

Richard Stanley's Imago Mortis Rolls

Richard Stanley’s been doing a lot of updating as of late thanks to his newfound love of MySpace and all the space it allows him to write as much as he wants and get immediate reaction to it.