Stefan Hutchinson

Sink Your Claws Into a Sneak Peek At Demons 3

That’s right – with the stupendous new Arrow Video editions of Italian splatter classics Demons and Demons 2 that we reported on here geared up for release at the end of the month, we’ve got a sneak peek at the cover art and first few pages for the original comic book sequel, Demons 3, right here for your hellspawn-loving eyes to devour!

New Demons and Demons 2 UK DVD on the Way! Preview of Stefan Hutchinson's Demons 3 Comic!

Stefan Hutchinson has worked on some of the most killer horror comics around, and with his latest venture he'll be extending the tale of those nasty demons that have torn Italy to shreds! Get ready for Demons 3!

Deaden Comic Book to Pick Up Where the Film Ended

2006's Deaden (review here) was a bloody, nasty throwback to the 70s and 80s vigilante flicks, and those of us that dug it can look forward to an expansion of the story ... in printed form.

Exclusive: More Halloween Comic News

Earlier this year, Stefan Hutchinson's comic mini-series Halloween: Nightdance brought back the classic Michael Myers in a big way. It not only proved better than all the sequels combined, it nearly erased every bad memory from Rob Zombie's romp in trailer park land. We've been eagerly anticipating Hutchinson's follow-up and today he dropped us a line with some news regarding his next stab at The Shape: