State of Emergency

New State of Emergency Clip Didn't Mean to Scare You

Clip number, what? Seventy-five? Seventy-six? Seems like we've had a ton of them, no? In any event another clip from the upcoming zombie flick State of Emergency has arrived and we have it for ya right here.

Two New State of Emergency Clips Take Aim

Time to lock and load, kids, as two new clips from the upcoming zombie effort State of Emergency have arrived for your enjoyment. Remember: Keep your arms steady, take a deep breath, aim for the head, and then pull the trigger.

A New State of Emergency Clip Intrudes Upon Your Day

Is today dragging ass for you? With the weekend in sight, Thursdays sometimes can. Good thing we're here with a clip that's home to a little zombie action for you from State of Emergency! Pass some time with the undead right now!

New Trailer Declares a State of Emergency

The official trailer for Image Entertainment's new zombie flick, State of Emergency, has arrived to warn us of the hazards of a global undead apocalypse. Hey, you can never be too careful, ya know?

The Dead Rise! State of Emergency Declared!

To this very day every time I hear the term "State of Emergency," all I can think of is that Vato-packed video game for the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox from Rockstar Games. Maybe this new title from Image can change my mind.

Winners Announced for 2011 Flickers RI International Horror Film Festival

Check out Rhode Island getting its horror groove on! Not only did this past weekend see the wide release of the new Robert Englund film Inkubus, which was created by an all Rhode Island crew, but now we've got the results of the area's 12th annual horror film festival. Nice job, Ocean Staters!

AFM 2011: Trailer, Stills and Artwork: State of Emergency

Get ready, kids! We're about to open up the floodgates and release the AFM Kraken! Really, we have dozens of goodies headed your way today, starting with a taste of infected mayhem ...