State of Decay

State of Decay Sequel Set To Arrive For Xbox One

State of Decay is now available for current gen consoles, but the sequel will be heading to Xbox One. Undead Labs has commented that right now they are focused on State of Decay and the game's upcoming sandbox mode.

State of Decay (Video Game)

Developed by Undead Labs Published by Microsoft Studios Rated M for Mature Available for Xbox 360 (reviewed)

Delve Into State of Decay on XBLA and PC; News and Impressions

Undead Labs has released its ambitious new title State of Decay for Xbox Live Arcade and PC. The game sold 250,000 copies in the first two days of its release on Xbox Live and is still going! Read on to learn more about the zombie adventure that awaits you in State of Decay.

State of Decay Coming To Xbox 360 and PC

State of Decay will put players into a zombie outbreak where they must make a stand, design and fortify their base, perform raids for supplies and rescue other survivors. Read on to learn more.