Full Release Details Squirm in for Scream Factory's Collector's Edition Blu-ray

Just in time for Halloween, Jeff Lieberman's 1976 cult classic Squirm slithers its way onto Blu-ray for the very first time, courtesy of the fine folks over at Scream Factory. Carnivorous worms in high-def, you say? Yes please. Read on for all the gooey details!

Blu-ray Art to Make You Squirm

The Scream Factory, bless their souls, just released the official original Blu-ray artwork for the 1976 man-eating worms flick Squirm, and as expected 'The Worm Face' is front and center. Check it out and look for an official announcement of specs, etc., soon!

Scream Factory Announces a Blu-ray Title Guaranteed to Make You Squirm

Depending on whom you ask, either the 1976 man-eating worms flick Squirm is an underrated horror gem or a great example of a “so bad it’s good” flick. Scream Factory will give you a chance to decide for yourself on Blu-ray this October.

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