Exclusive Set Visit: Mentryville

I’ve been on a lot of crazy sets, but never have I seen anything quite like the set I step into on Mentryville (formerly Spores), a low-budget indie virus-run-amok flick lensing just outside of Los Angeles. The cast and crew seem every bit as shocked as I am and for good reason: They’re shooting in a working government laboratory. Millions - possibly billions - of dollars worth of scientific equipment stretch on through miles of twisty hallways and corridors throughout this massive complex and it’s here that all the chaos goes down.

Grab Your Vodka! Soviet Spores Heading to the U.S.

Listen up, babushkas! A new creature feature from Russia is heading our way, and it's looking pretty damned good! Need some convincing? Read on for every single detail. Dig it!

Early Sales Art and Full Synopsis: Spores

Never let it be said that we don't work fast for you. Just hours after the initial announcement of American World Pictures' latest acquisition, Spores, we have the early art and full synopsis for you. Why? Because you're the cool kids!

American World Pictures to Unleash Their Spores

Spores. It's just not a very pleasant word, is it? Nothing about it is warm or inviting. In fact, the word more or less implies that you should go nowhere near these things. The only trouble? Various kinds are everywhere. There is no safe haven. Especially if a specific strain turns deadly!