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Jennifer Lynch Offers Update on Hisss and It's Not Good

We've done dozens of stories concerning Jennifer Lynch's film Hisss. We've seen multiple stills. Stunning trailers. Ran interviews. You name it. The only thing missing has been the film itself. Lynch offered the following disheartening update recently as to what exactly is happening with the movie:

New Artwork, Images, and International Trailer: Hisss

It's done film shows, festivals, you name it, but still there are no solid release plans for Jennifer Lynch's latest film, Hisss starring Mallika Sherawat, to be released here domestically. A bunch of new things slithered online to promote the film today (hopefully a good sign?), and we've bagged them all for you right here.

Two New Sexy One-Sheets for Jennifer Lynch's Hisss

Fans of snake women (and really, who isn't one?) can now rejoice! Two new bits of artwork for Jennifer Lynch's Hisss have slithered online for our viewing pleasure. Cool posters too ... none of that floating head bullshit.

Finally! The Official Hisss Trailer

After weeks of put-ups and take-downs on various sites, the kind folks behind Jennifer Lynch's Hisss have made the trailer officially available for your viewing pleasure. If you haven't seen it yet, wow, are you in for a treat!

Cool Early Artwork for Hisss

A couple of pieces of really cool artwork have surfaced for the upcoming sexy snake-woman epic Hisss, and as always we're here to shed some light on the darkness for ya!

Hisss Trailer Looks Bad-Asss!

Sadly, I missed the panel for Hisss at the recent LA Weekend of Horrors, but the online posting of its trailer today made my disappointment disappear instantly. With some awesome looking effects by FX wizard Robert Kurtzman, this could be the monster movie we've all been waiting for!

Mallika Sherawat Discusses Hisss

Some new images have hit the Net from Jennifer Lynch's upcoming Hisss along with an interview with the film's star, Mallika Sherawat, who was in Southern California recently to assist with Lynch's post-production work.

First Look at & New Title for Lynch's Snake Woman Movie!

In a very strange turn of events, we’ve just learned that Jennifer Lynch’s upcoming adaptation of the classic Indian tale of the Nagin, or snake woman, has officially changed its title from the relatively obvious Nagin to, believe it or not, Hisss.

Jennifer Lynch to Unleash Nagin

Snake women. I think if you asked horror fans across the globe what still scares them after all this time, the answer wouldn’t be ghosts, or vampires, or demonic possession; not, it’d be snake women. Split Image Pictures knows this, somehow, and have tapped Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena, Surveillance) to bring out fears to film.