Spike Lee

Spike Lee Out to Prove You're Nobody 'til Somebody Kills You

While not a true Spike Lee Joint (the man is only serving as producer here), word has just broken about the next project from Lee, which is being billed as a hip hop horror themed crime flick, You're Nobody 'til Somebody Kills You. Read on for details.

Josh Brolin Will Seek Revenge in Spike Lee's Oldboy

While we wait to see if Christian Bale will be playing the villain in Spike Lee's Oldboy remake for Mandate Pictures as has been speculated, it was officially announced today that Josh Brolin (who was mentioned as being at the top of Mandate's wishlist back in July) is starring in the revenge tale.

From Super Hero to Super Evil - Christian Bale and the Oldboy Remake

After years of playing Batman and other heroes, the original American Psycho, Christian Bale, could be looking to let a little evil back into his career. Read on for the first details.

Actors Being Eyed for Oldboy and RoboCop Remakes

Ah, remakes. No matter how much everyone complains, you still keep right on coming. Two high profile ones, Oldboy and RoboCop, are moving along at a nice brisk pace, and already actors are being eyed for their leads. Read on for the details on both.

Confirmed! Spike Lee to Direct Oldboy

That's right, kids! The remake of Oldboy is officially alive and kicking for Mandate Pictures, and we've got the early skinny right here for your perusal. Dig it!

Spike Lee Taking on Oldboy Remake?

The last we heard about the proposed remake of the cult classic Oldboy, it was put out to pasture and not happening. Now a few months later news has come that it wasn't as dead as we originally had thought.