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CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Pair of Tickets to Monsterpalooza 2011

We tell you guys every year that one of the most badass conventions you should be attending is Eliot Brodsky's Monsterpalooza in Burbank, California; and once again we're putting two pairs of tickets where our mouth is. Read on for the details of how you can snag one of the pairs for yourself and a friend.

Canadian Special FX Artist Facing Prosecution for Graphic Short Films

In a scene straight out of a horror film, demonstrators dressed as ghouls and zombies marched around a Montreal courthouse to protest criminal charges being laid against a maker of gory films.

Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps Looks Back at the Making of Mushroomhead's 12 Hundred

Last weekend director David "House" Greathouse and Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps completed filming of Mushroomhead's bloody new video for "Come On," the first single from the band's forthcoming album Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children. While an official announcement on the release of that video will be made in the weeks ahead, Kurtzman's "Creature Corps" reality web series is going back in time to 2007, when Mushroomhead's "12 Hundred" was named Video of the Year by MTV2's "Headbangers Ball".

Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps Web Series Now LIVE!

The time has come! "Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps" reality web series began airing today - Friday the 13th (of August) 2010 - and we have the skinny on how you can see it.

Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps Launching Reality Web Series

World renowned F/X legend and filmmaker Robert Kurtzman is launching a new reality web series showcasing the behind-the-scenes world of special effects, and we've got the lowdown on how you can watch it ... and win prizes including props, masks, and more!

Exclusive: Almost Human Is Down With the Sickness for Quarantine 2

Screen Gems and Third Street Pictures announced today that Robert Hall, President of Almost Human Inc., has taken the reins for creating the infected in Quarantine 2, the follow-up to the 2008 hit Quarantine. This marks Hall’s return to the Quarantine franchise as he created the special makeup effects in the first film as well (you can check out his work on the special features of the Quarantine DVD and Blu-ray in the "Dressing the Infected" featurette).

Event Report: Monsterpalooza 2010

When it comes to horror conventions, we here at Dread Central are pretty damned jaded. We always make it a point to show up to party and even give away tons of free stuff at events all over the country. Speaking personally, during my convention going tenure I thought I had seen it all. I don't think I've ever been happier to be wrong.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Tickets to Monsterpalooza!

Live in LA or planning to be in the area Friday-Sunday, April 9–11, 2010, and looking for something completely badass to do? Yeah? Good! Because we've got your chance to win one of three pairs of tickets to dig on this year's Monsterpalooza show!

Monsterpalooza Details; Show-Runner Eliot Brodsky Speaks

With the second annual and highly anticipated horror convention Monsterpalooza – The Art of Monsters returning Friday, April 9–11, 2010, to The Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel in Burbank, CA (get your tickets here now, and how could you not, when they’re only $20 a day?), Dread caught up with the con’s creator, Eliot Brodsky, to talk about the F/X and monster-heavy event.

Monsterpalooza Guest List and Presentation Updates

We're exactly two months away from the second annual Monsterpalooza, which is returning to the Marriott Burbank Convention Center April 9-11, 2010. To help get people fired up for the event, which features special effects artists from the horror industry along with their many works, the promoters have revealed the expanded guest list along with a slew of presentations and demos that will be taking place over the weekend.

Seven Films in the Running for Visual Effects Oscar

While it's likely a foregone conclusion that Avatar will be taking home the Oscar, the Motion Picture Academy has announced the seven films that will compete in order to become one of three nominess for the Visual Effects Academy Award. And a couple of them are big favorites around the Dread Central offices.

Monsterpalooza Set to Invade Burbank Again Next April

One convention that we heard nothing but good things about earlier this year was Monsterpalooza (read our event report here) in Burbank, CA, which featured special effects artists from the horror industry along with their many works. So we are very happy to report that it will be returning to the Marriott Burbank Convention Center April 9-11, 2010.

Event Report: Monsterpalooza, Burbank CA

The date is the 31st of May, 2009. Let me just say this first and foremost; I go to a shit ton of conventions. Shit ton as in a whole lot of conventions. And believe it or not, I've never done a write-up on any of them. I've filmed plenty of videos at conventions and talked about them on podcasts and what have you, but never written an article about one.

Monsterpalooza Looms in May

Monsterpalooza is set to stomp the Marriott Burbank Convention Center during the weekend of May 29-31. The convention features special effects artists from the horror industry along with their many works. Highlights include a walk-thru museum of horror monsters and artwork, guest artist celebrities, and a slew of vendors selling original artwork, collectibles, illustrations, masks, props, resin kits, and much more!