Sophie Monk

Life Blood (UK DVD)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Starring Sophie Monk, Anya Lahiri, Scout Taylor-Compton, Justin Shilton

Lionsgate Pumps Lesbian Vampires With Life Blood in April

It seems like just yesterday we told you about the lesbian vampire flick Pearblossom undergoing a name change to Life Blood upon being acquired by Lionsgate for a DVD release later this year. That's probably because we did publish that story just yesterday. That was yesterday. Today we can tell you the DVD release date: April 27th.

Title Change: Pearblossom Becomes Life Blood

A title change has occurred for Lionsgate's new vampire-fest once known as Pearblossom. When the flick hits home later this year, its new title will be (the much better, yet still kind of generic) Life Blood.

Teaser Trailer and Art for Pearblossom

And the award for least likely title for a horror film goes to ... Who cares what the movie's called? It stars Sophie Monk, and she's like the finest haul of Halloween candy imaginable! Time for a treat!