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Bruce Campbell Gives Evil Dead Remake His Seal of Approval

When remaking someone's work, it's important to revere what's come before it by honoring the source material. If you've done it right, the principals involved will likely give your version their blessing. That's exactly what's happened with Bruce Campbell and the Evil Dead remake.

Fan-Made Evil Dead Remake Trailer Delivers the Bootlegged Goods

You just have to appreciate the enthusiasm of horror fans. What's supposed to be a "bootlegged from a video monitor" trailer for the Evil Dead remake has hit YouTube, and even though it's completely fake, it's pretty friggin' cool.

Michael Eklund Next to Become Part of The Hive

A new actor is buzzing around the latest flick from Brad Anderson, The Hive! Variety reports that Michael Eklund (The Day, The Divide) is set to co-star with Halle Berry in the project that's shooting now in Los Angeles. No word on whom he'll be playing, but stay tuned.

Evil Dead Reboot Wraps! The Waiting Begins.

So the first part of the trek to a new Evil Dead film is officially over. The film has wrapped, post-production is set to begin, and now all we have to do is wait patiently for the film Sam Raimi calls "intense, scary, and gut-wrenching."

Sam Raimi Talks Evil Dead Remake; Calls it 'Gut-Wrenching'

MTV caught up with legendary director Sam Raimi at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and the always entertaining filmmaker had some really interesting things to say about the remake of his infamous 1981 film The Evil Dead. Read on!

The Hive - Halle Berry Rushed to Hospital; More Join Cast

Things got scary on the Los Angeles set of Brad Anderson's The Hive yesterday as leading lady Halle Berry was struck down with a head injury and rushed to a local hospital. Luckily they didn't take her to Linda Vista by accident! Read on for the latest.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Handy New Evil Dead Banner

Hope you cats are ready to become inundated with news from the San Diego Comic-Con. There's gonna be lots of stories and tons of eye candy headed your way starting with a new banner for the much talked about Evil Dead remake.

First Predestination Artwork Has Nothing but Time

The first bit of sales art for Michael and Peter Spierig's sci-fi action-thriller Predestination, featuring Daybreakers star Ethan Hawke, was uncovered today by our friends over at Twitch, and as per usual we have a look at the goods right here.

Demons Bleed Darker in Evil Dead Remake

If this latest behind-the-scenes still from Fede Alvarez is any indication of things to come, the demons of his Evil Dead remake won't be spewing that weird milky white stuff they did in the Raimi version. Dig it!

Predestination Finds Distro

More distribution news is coming out of Cannes as Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has acquired domestic and select international rights to Michael and Peter Spierig's sci-fi action-thriller Predestination, which will reunite the siblings with their Daybreakers star Ethan Hawke.

The Evil Dead Remake Officially Commences Production

Like it or not, it's happening. That's right, kids; the remake of Sam Raimi's classic Evil Dead has gone before cameras, and we have our fingers crossed for something cool and scary. Read on for details.

Jane Levy Talks Evil Dead Remake

The woman who's assuming the Ash-like role in the remake of The Evil Dead, Jane Levy, recently sat down to talk about her character and more. Curious? Read on for what she had to say!

Abigail Breslin Buzzing About The Hive

Little Miss Sunshine is growing up fast, and she's ready to make the move from Zombieland to Brad Anderson's latest terror locale, The Hive. Read on for details!

Halle Berry Signs on for The Hive

Well, it's official. The gorgeous Halle Berry is headed to stir up trouble within The Hive. Please, movie gods... let her do so in a string bikini. Hey, we can dream, right?

Jessica Lucas and Elizabeth Blackmore to Become Possessed by the Evil Dead

And more lovely ladies have signed up to be turned into horrid looking possessed she-bitches in the upcoming remake of the Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead! Read on for details!