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Hellraiser & Ghostbusters Blu-ray Specs!

The freaks over at Upcoming Horror Movies got their hands on the specs for the April 21st release of Hellraiser on Blu-ray, and we thought we’d share ‘em with you. Cause, you know, we care.

Boogeyman 3 (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Erin Cahill, Chuck Hittinger, Mimi Michaels, Matt Rippy, Nikki Sanderson Directed by Gary Jones Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Against the Dark (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Steven Seagal, Tanaoi Reed, Jenna Harrison, Danny Midwinter, Skye Bennett, Keith David, Linden Ashby Directed by Richard Crudo Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Ghostbusters Get a Blu-ray

Just in time for its twenty-fifth anniversary, Sony Pictures is planning a stellar re-release of one of the most beloved films everywhere, Ghostbusters, and we've got a look at what you can expect!

Grudge 3 Art & Date

Sony has finally released the artwork for The Grudge 3, the direct-to-DVD sequel helmed by Splinter director Toby Wilkins. The only extras on the DVD will be two making-of featurettes and deleted scenes when the disc streets on March 24th.

Final Art for Turner's Red Sands

I feared it would be bad, but I really didn’t think it’d be this bad. “Spirits take no prisoners”? What the hell kind of tag line is that? Something tells me this is not the vision director Alex Turner had for Red Sands, formerly known as The Stone House, when he set out to make the film.

Boogeyman 3 Stills & Trailer

For many of us our first introduction into the world of horror came from our parents telling us, "If you aren't good, The Boogeyman will get you!" To that I say thanks for starting me early on shitting my pants, mom and dad!

Grudge 3 Gets an R, First Stills!

You know, rarely do I get excited about sequels. I loved the Ju-on movies, but for whatever reason, even with creator Takashi Shimizu at the helm of the American remakes, they still felt kind of stale. With the upcoming release of Ghost House Pictures' The Grudge 3 from Sony, some interesting surprises have been popping up. The latest one? Gone is the PG-13 rating, and in its place the MPAA has granted this third U.S. entry an R rating, the first in the franchise's history.

It's Seagal vs. Vamps in Against the Dark

You see now THIS ... this is what I'm talking about! Never mind the comeback movies of Stallone or even JCVD ... When Steven Seagal makes his comeback he's gonna be kicking the shit out of vampires! Can I get an AMEN?!? Sony Pictures' upcoming release of Against the Dark (formerly called Last Night) will find Seagal amidst all manner of toothy mayhem. From the official synopsis:

Artwork & Specs for Boogeyman 3

I know what you're thinking -- "Man, I really wish someone would make another Boogeyman movie!" Well, consider your wish granted! There's another on the way and we've got the goods on what to expect.

Screamers 2 Trailer Surfaces

Remember the Peter Weller sci-fi actioner Screamers from the mid-Nineties? Hello? Anyone? Yes! You! Right there in front of your PC! You remember, and to reward you for your reverence of such a fine film, we now present the trailer for the long awaited follow-up, Screamers: The Hunting!

Vacancy 2: The First Cut (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Agnes Bruckner, David Moscow, Trevor Wright, Arjay Smith, Brian Klugman Directed by Eric Bross Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Lazarus Project, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Tristan Sinns Starring Paul Walker, Piper Perabo, Brooklynn Proulx, Bob Gunton Directed by John Glenn Released by Sony Pictures Home Entertaintment

Moscow Zero (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Vincent Gallo, Val Kilmer, Sage Stallone, and a bunch of people you can barely understand Directed by Luna (aka María Lidón) Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment