Sonny Fernandez

Sonny Fernandez's Lake Villa Vamps Get Animated

Indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez is back with a new project that's aimed at letting his imagination run free without the worry of budgetary constraints. How to do this, you ask? Well... make it animated! Read on for your first look at the Lake Villa Vamps.

Beware... Sonny Fernandez's Indie Film Bloodgod Now Available on DVD

That's right; you heard it here first. Bloodgod from Sonny Fernandez and Down Twisted Studios dropped on DVD on February 1st. We've got the trailer, artwork, and a few stills from Bloodgod right here. Check it all out!

Indie Filmmaker Sonny Fernandez Releases The Complex

Indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez is at it again and promises his latest project, The Complex, is unlike anything you've ever seen, a mind-bending journey to places you may never come back from! Read on for the details.

Full Official Trailer Released for Indie Zombie Film Highway 91

It's been a long time coming, but finally the full official trailer for indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez's zombie opus Highway 91 has hit the Net, and of course we have it for you right here, all gooey and full of headshots. The DVD is already available and includes a blooper and outtakes reel, deleted scenes, two music videos from the Highway 91 soundtrack, and more!

Indie Zombie Film Highway 91 Now Available on DVD

We've been following the progress of indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez's zombie opus Highway 91 for about six months now and are happy to report that it's finally available to purchase on DVD! To celebrate the occasion, he sent over a version of Dr. Smith's popular “Zombie Bitches Kicking People’s Ass” music video specifically recut for Highway 91.

New Teaser Trailer for Indie Zombie Film Highway 91

Indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez dropped us a line today to let us know that a new teaser trailer for his zombie-infested Highway 91 is now available. Sonny promises "another true indie epic from Down Twisted Studios featuring the usual bullet-flying, brain-blowing, gore-soaked madness you've come to expect from us." Synopsis:

Watch 40 Seconds from Sonny Fernandez's Highway 91

A while back we showed you a music video montage featuring clips from Sonny Fernandez's "crazy super-bloody zombie movie" Highway 91, and now the indie filmmaker has posted 40 gun-blazing, arrow-flying, brain-blowing seconds from the film to amp up the excitement. Synopsis:

Clips Montage and Soundtrack Preview for Indie Film Highway 91

And now for something a bit different ... indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez, who's currently shooting the (as he describes it) "crazy super-bloody zombie movie" Highway 91, sent over a video montage featuring clips from the film backed up by the first official song from the soundtrack.

Sonny Fernandez's Bleed Finally Coming to DVD

After years of playing on the underground circuit, Sonny (The Last Battleground, The New Girls) Fernandez's first independent horror film is finally hitting DVD! Bleed, which has had a rocky distribution history (including one distributor going to jail for embezzling 250,000 dollars) is finally being released late September from Down Twisted Studios. It also has a brand spanking new trailer.

Sonny Fernandez Introduces Us to The New Girls

Indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez is a long-time contributor to Dread Central's online community and someone whose career we've been keeping tabs on for quite a while so we're looking forward to seeing his take on the vampire genre with the recently released The New Girls starring Liz Dockter, Cody Tergesen, Sam Ova, and Justin Kavlie.

The Last Battleground Finally Arrives on DVD

It's been several months since we've gotten an update from filmmaker Sonny Fernandez regarding his apocalyptic epic The Last Battleground, but the word came down today that the flick is now available on DVD from Amazon.

Watch Two Episodes from Apocalyptic Web Series Down Twisted

Indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez has a thing for the Apocalypse. In addition to his film The Last Battleground, in which heaven and hell have an ultimate showdown for control of the earth, he also has a new web series entitled "Down Twisted" that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war.

Last Trailer for The Last Battleground

Microbudget filmmaker Sonny Fernandez has been keeping us all posted about the progress on his apocalyptic epic The Last Battleground, a film that appears very low on budget but very high in ambition. Now he's sharing the final trailer for his magnum opus.

The Last Battleground Trailer is now LIVE!

Looking for nearly five minutes of flesh-tearing goodness that ushers in the end of the world? Man, I know I am! The official trailer for the latest indie epic from Sonny Fernandez, The Last Battleground has just hit the net, and I have to say ... it's looking pretty damned violent.

No Salvation for The Last Battleground

It's not unusual for us to do stories based on tips sent to us by readers. This time the inspiration for the story comes from a thread on our own message board. Microbudget filmmaker Sonny Fernandez has pretty much been running what amounts to a production blog in the "INDIEcent" section of our message board on the filming of his latest feature The Last Battleground.